The 17 Most Ignored Cancer Symptoms in Women and Men



Pay attention to these cancer symptoms you are most likely to ignore, and get yourself to a doctor if they persist.

Source: The 17 Most Ignored Cancer Symptoms in Women and Men

Source: The 17 Most Ignored Cancer Symptoms in Women and Men


20 Ways to Reboot Your Thyroid

20 Ways to Reboot Your Thyroid

As the metabolism-controlling gland, your thyroid is pretty important for weight regulation, body temperature, energy levels, and overall health.

Maybe you’ve noticed the scale is creeping up for seemingly no reason, and you can’t pinpoint why you keep gaining weight. Or maybe you’re more tired than normal or need to wear three layers at all times because you’re constantly freezing. Sound familiar? These are all signs of an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), the butterfly-shaped gland located in your throat that’s responsible for your metabolism, important hormones, body temperature, and how you use energy. It also influences the function of vital organs, such as your heart, brain, liver, and kidneys.

On the flip side, an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) is marked by increased nervousness, anxiety, irregular heartbeat, and sudden weight loss. People who have hyperthyroidism are also at risk of developing anemia, which is an iron deficiency that leads to a lack of healthy red blood cells.

If you’re noticing negative symptoms such as the ones listed above, your thyroid might not be functioning as optimally as it could be. Although these lifestyle and dietary changes aren’t a guaranteed cure-all, they can help regulate this important gland. If you believe you are having serious issues with your thyroid, make sure you see a doctor who can administer the proper tests and diagnosis.


Source: 20 Ways to Reboot Your Thyroid

I’m Tired All the Time – Is That Normal? 

What are symptoms of hypothyroidism?

Typical symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, weight gain, decreased energy, depression, dry skin and hair and constipation. … A lot of people just feel like everything has closed down.

For women, they may have fertility issues or abnormal menstrual cycles.

Source: I’m Tired All the Time – Is That Normal? – Sharecare